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We hate it when our data is miss-used, so we don#t want to miss use yours. So; 

We hold your data in order to deliver your contract, as we only use your information to create an invite and send it to you. We therefore have a legal basis under Article 6 of the GDPR to hold process the data you give us. You are required to provide us with personal data as would reasonably be expected to complete your contract including (but not limited to)

  • Your name, address, contact email and phone number.

  • Your partners name, parents/family names so far as you wish to display them on your stationary. 

  • You wedding date, time, venue and other information you wish to display on your stationary.

We don't send your personal information to anyone else, except in order to deliver your order (so we might send your address for example to our printers if they are dispatching directly to you). 

We don't send marketing emails, make marketing phone calls or send marketing texts, they are annoying! We will only contact you because you have asked us to, such as to arrange to customisations on your order.


We do use cookies to track parts of our website that you visit in order to identify popular products and to improve the flow of our website. This data is anonymous. You can opt in or out of this using the cookie pop up when you come to our site.

We also use cookies to store on your device a history of  visit in order to return to your previous point on the next visit. You can opt in or out of this using the cookie pop up when you come to our site.

We don't sell your information, because its not on. 

We only keep your contact details within our password protected email server, except for when we put your address on the front of an envelope to send it to you. Your data is stored by us for upto three years, this is because many of our clients return to us having bought save the dates to purchase their invites for their special day. As part of this continuing relationship we hold records of your previous transactions for reference and to ensure continuity of artworks. 

We do have a Facebook page, if you choose to follow us its up to you.

We may use copies of invites made for you for sample purposes. These may include you name, venue and date of wedding but never any identifiable contact details or personal addresses. If you do not want your invite used for this purpose please let us know when you order. 

You have the right to request removal of your data at anytime and can do so via the contract form on our home page. So long as any excising orders have been completed, or cancelled, we will remove your data within 14 working days. 

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- Credit / Debit Cards

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